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    • Though not so strange but factual paradox that exists in our country is no person wants government education either for him or for their off springs but still carves for a job in government sector. In fact, that’s what exactly the dragging power behind the term “Bureaucracy” which opens door even for the most common person to hold a position in Policy and Decision making for the Biggest Democratic country in the world. Government Jobs Jobs in government sector especially at this point of time are flooding like never before and ever again and it seems this is the most appropriate time to make one’s beautiful career path in the lap of the government which might not accommodate the talent pool of this country with enough Bureaucracy tag in the future. So this is the time where you can make your dream to realize and act with a strategy without building pressure which offers you a tag for which most of the mediocre strives to get what is technically called “BABU”. If the questions like, “What should I do to get a job in government sector?” or “What is the simple strategy to get into Government services?”, then this is the right place to get the answer for which your gut always wanted to make a smart choice for making your dreams come true and to hold your spirits up. So, let’s have a glance at the Three Mantras for your success. First Mantra is, be clear about your career goal and focus only on this particular task, if this thing is not done properly then you may end up seeing yourself struggling to fit the right hand into a wrong glove. One advantage for preparing to the government jobs at this point of time is that, most of the competitive career exams are conducted with a unified syllabus which commonly consists of General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Test of English, Test of Reasoning and the Subject knowledge which varies with the position that you have applied for. Few general tips for serious candidates: Be focused. Schedule your preparation according to syllabus and make sure that you stick to this schedule strictly. Be thorough with different aspects of the same subject. Daily go through the newspaper like” Hindu” which is a standard material to spoon-feed for your General awareness section and also other competitive exams material that are available in market. Don’t make yourself fed up by going through exhausted material which may turn off your schedule for preparation. Instead, concentrate on specifics that are mentioned in the syllabus. Do some exercise daily as it keeps your brain sharp by making available the fresh oxygen to run into your memory cells which is also a major contribution for you efforts. Second Mantra is, “Always, be motivated!” as the preparation takes a longer period you should not at any point of time think for after affects of your journey to succeed. As a famous adage says, “Success is not a destination, but is a Journey” one should never make his spirits fall down even if you face some adverse situations. So, be committed. Few tips to keep you motivated: Think how you feel when you achieve for what you are striving. That gives you more energy. Work for the best and be prepared for the worst. It keeps you fit mentally by emotionally balancing your circumstances and moving forward. Never lose hope. Remember that we have no control on what happens to us, but we do have control on how we react to the situations. So be emotionally smart and fit during your preparation. Third Mantra is, Relax! Relax! Relax! Nothing can be absorbed by this mind continuously. If a container is filled continuously with water then the water will spill out after the container gets filled and there will be no use with the spilled water. Similar is the case with our brain also. It needs rejuvenation which keeps the brain to always have still more space to add something to its part which can be used smartly afterwards. Few tips on relaxing: Listen to the music which inspires you a lot. Many researches revealed that Music has got high potential to energize a person. So hang on with your gadget to fill you with those wonderful bites. But do constrain yourself for a period of half-an-hour. Meditate by sitting in a quiet place. It improves your power of concentration. Interact with your friends who make you feel special and also spend time with your family. Though it seems to be easy, it is a difficult part in showing up the above things in action but certainly not a thing of Impossible. Everything is possible when you control your mind. Finally to end with a beautiful saying, “The world is ready to give up its secrets; if you know how to give the exact blow”. Wishing you all the success!
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